Our fun, educational, and slightly muddy classes are taught in your backyard!

Our 7 Class Series Includes:

Class 1: What’s in My Garden? – After listening to a great story your children will create a new gardening journal to use. Then they’ll grab a trug and explore your garden afresh. They’ll study your garden’s design and learn plant names, parts, how they work, and other interesting characteristics. Best of all they’ll practice some cultivation techniques (a little pruning, tying in, weeding, watering…..children love this!) on these old friends. We’ll select a spot for a kitchen garden (in ground, pots, or raised beds) for our next class and make a plant list (….which fruit, herbs, and veg would you like to have on hand for use in your favorite recipes?)  (Materials to keep: Book, journal, sticker book, basket/trug, measuring tape, scissors, and twine.)

Class 2: Kitchen Gardening – Planting fruit and veg, watching the plant life cycle, and being taught what’s edible or not – your children will become gardeners! They’ll gleefully ready pots, a plot, or raised bed each; sow seeds; plant; and learn organic gardening techniques. They’ll most likely be tempted to eat their (phytonutrient rich) fruit and veg raw, freshly picked, and on the spot. What could be healthier? We’ll touch on soil science, the water cycle, et al. (Materials to keep: Book, gloves, trowel, canes, watering can, plants, & seeds.)

Class 3: Beast Hunt – Your children will philosophically ponder ‘Just whose garden is it?’ learning about the animals living in and migrating through your garden. They’ll i.d. beneficial insects and foes and will go on a ‘beast hunt’ using a field guide, magnifying glass, and great App. It’s amazing how much life lives in just one sq. foot of grass – and how important that life is! (Materials to keep: Book, field guide, magnifying lens, and ladybugs (in season).)

Class 4: Visit the Nursery – Let’s meet at the local botanical garden or nursery for a walk about to learn of the plants that thrive in your area. We’ll let you in on some planting tips and behind the scenes secrets – and show you what qualities to look for when making good plant selections. Your children will be eager to make future visits to the nursery with you in Seasons to come to buy more fruit and veg for your garden!

Class 5: Fairies at The Bottom of the Garden – Your children will hear a wonderful fairy tale and then create their own fairy garden in your yard – luring in beneficial wildlife (or fairies and elves) and inspiring hours of imaginative play. (Materials to keep: Book, fairy house, miniatures, plants & seeds.)

Class 6: ‘Tis the Season to….. - We’ll read great stories and then pursue a seasonal activity such as:  planting Spring bulbs (in Fall); creating birdfeeders (in Winter); making scarecrows or a butterfly garden (in Spring); or planting up a ‘tidepool’ garden of succulents (in Summer). Your children will come to learn about seasonality as specific to your locality’s climate and how that will work into the gardening year. (Materials to keep: Book, seasonal materials as appropriate, plants & seeds.)

Class 7:  Mud Pies and Other Recipes – Your children will revel in preparing backyard stew and mud custard as they work their way through one fantastical recipe book. They’ll learn flower arranging basics and prep a real edible recipe from their garden for your table – connecting gardening to their own good health and sharing their knowledge and success as gardeners with your whole family.  (Materials to keep: Book (one of the best!), cupcake holders, vase, cut flowers, groceries, and recipes.)

Following the series we’ll return whenever you like to garden with your children – continuing to teach good organic techniques, following the seasons, developing your garden, and bringing a gift with each visit (a book; stalwart fruit, flowers and veg; a fairy door…..) to pique your children’s interest.

Our classes set your children’s interest at home where they can interact daily with their gardens and make decisions as Head Gardeners of their own plots. Weaving school studies into fun hands-on work your children’s patience, observation, responsibility, good nutrition, green skills, and scientific understanding will be fostered. They’ll gain greater respect and responsibility for the environment, your home, and their own good health – and their taste for fruit and veg. might grow.

As science teachers attest, a youthful connection with nature is one of our children’s best resources for success. As parents attest, these classes add delight and wonder to childhood. Call for a spot, today! (949) 612-5867